The Backyard

The Backyard

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting Reel

I casually mentioned to Rick this morning I'd like to get a reel mower to save a little gas in the riding tractor for mowing this year. My thought is to use the reel mower around the house, under a tree that's difficult to mow under (and I don't want to trim the branches), and generally help save a gallon or two of gas. Mr. Brown didn't like the idea. So he says, "I may as well take the new battery back I just got for the riding mower." I said, "Why?" He says, "because if you're going to use a reel mower you may as well cut the whole lawn with that. It doesn't make sense to spend $100 bucks to save on a gallon or two of gas. " Ok Mr. Brown, if you want to be that way about it, fine. I'll cut the whole damn lawn with it.

So my work will likely be cut out for me this summer.

By the way, what prompted me to think about a reel mower was the latest book I read, "The Green Book" which gives hundreds of tips on being environmentally friendly. It said a gas powered mower emits as much pollution per hour of use as 6 cars! I found that a bit astounding.


midnightpeddler said...

Great Blog, Chili!
I really dig your gardening shots and ideas.
Nancy and I used to use a reel mower. It worked pretty well, but you had to do two passes on thick grass. Maybe we needed to sharpen blades or oil it. Anyway, keep us posted on the success / failure of the reel. I'd like to have an alternative to the gas mower myself.

Anonymous said...

I bought a reel mower a couple of years ago. It worked pretty well on winter rye as long as it wasn't too tall. It did so so on bermuda, but if there are any dandelions in there you can forget it.

Great blog by the way.