The Backyard

The Backyard

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring is Springing Up Everywhere

Finally! Color is, yellow, blue, red buds. Its SO nice to see it again and for some crazy reason this year seemed to take longer for it occur than past springs. Possibly its because I was paying more attention to it than the past few years. On Friday night, Rick says to me "Jill, there's an Amish guy down along the road picking your daffodils." I said, "What?! He can't pick my flowers and I'll have to tell him about it." I planted the bulbs almost 20 years ago when we decided we would someday build a house here. I purposely scattered them along the roadside for a natural appearance. Well Mr. Amish Guy and his wife thought they really were "wild." And I couldn't tell him not to pick them. It crossed my mind, was I planning to pick them? Is it that bad that he's picking them? No, I thought. If he wants them, he can have them. His skirt-clad wife was climbing the embankment too and filling her apron with flowers. Afterward, I thought I should have done what they would have done... "That will be $5 dollars please." Next time.

The seeds are coming along nicely. I only started one flat of my favorites - maters, peppers, and basil. Prior years had two, two-shelved, light systems going strong - 8 flats altogether of flowers, veges, and herbs. After a nasty drought a couple years ago, I opted to NOT plant anything that needed watering other then vegetables. So I plant few annuals any more - maybe a geranium in pot. I let mother nature do her thing with the perenniels and herbs, and I'll throw some seeds around for fun -- mostly those that will benefit the wildlife like sunflowers, umbrels (Dill and fennel) and the butterflys LOVE candy-striped zinnias.

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