The Backyard

The Backyard

Friday, August 8, 2008

Another "Weed" Beneficial to Your Garden

If you have them, don't pull them! Queen Anne's Lace, better known as Wild Carrot is a member of the parsley family and not shy about about attracting beneficial insects. Hoverflies, ladybugs and lacewings feed off of the Wild Carrot and they love to eat the bad bugs hanging around your garden. Several years ago, I planted a wildflower meadow and the plant that thrived is the wild carrot. At first I was dissappointed, but when I saw the plethora of bugs hanging on them, I knew they couldn't be all bad - and they aren't. Being a member of the parsley member gives this plant a real boost up the scale of good "weeds."

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DailySAHM said...

I want to visit your home. I think I would be in awe of your gardens.