The Backyard

The Backyard

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Caught In the Act - Trying to Break the Buying Habit

The last three books I read and nearly all the blogs I peruse talk about going greener -- reducing the carbon footprint, reducing electric useage, buying less and keeping it local'; going "back" to simpler times, cooking like grandma and grandpa. And what do I do? I made butternut squash soup and thought about (and read about) how nice it would be to have one of those fancy-dancy puree gadgets that puree right in the pot. So I went and bought one of those useless China made products that affluent Americans love - at WALMART nonetheless! Something must have attacked my brain -- maybe a case of insomnia? Or maybe its the start of Alzheimers. I don't know -- but when I got home and started getting it out of the box and ooing and ahhing over it, I realized what I just did. Rick did too -- and we both started laughing and poking fun at me. "I'm gonna get rid of ALL my electric appliances in the kitchen....I'm going to go off the grid...I'm going to cook just like Mem Wiest did -- all by hand..." HA!!! And bears stopped shitting in the woods a long time ago too. And to pour salt in the wound, I realized I have under my own nose, stuffed way in the back of the cupboard, two of the most perfect utensils to do the job -- an antique hand mixer and a Foley food mill! Not to mention both are worth about $10 more than the $19.99 price tag on the electric model from Walmart. So tonight's stop on the way home from work will be at Walmart, but this time to return the useless gadget. I'm getting closer to not buying anymore junk, really, I am. This may have been the icing on the reality-of-simple cake.

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DailySAHM said...

I have to admit that I LOVE my immersion blender. But I don't have any of those old fashioned gadgets, so maybe if I did I wouldn't be so attached to my electric version. (Who am I kidding? Yes, I would. I don't think a hand blender could puree quite as smooth.)