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The Backyard

Friday, November 28, 2008


My latest read (book review above), talked about a flexitarian lifestyle. I guess I haven't been on the planet the last 5 years when this style came into mainstream -- I never heard of it until now. For those of you that also have been floating around in space, a flexitarian is a part-time vegetarian. It's an individual that likes the vegetarian concept, but isn't ready for 100% all plants and no meat. Its a lifestyle that gives you "flexibility" in eating. Much to my surprise (and now I know why), even Dr. Ornish in his latest book, the Spectrum, talks about the importance of including Salmon and fish in your diet and now allows fish in his eating style. Health experts and environmentalists claim this is not a bad way to go -- its reduces carbon emissions by cutting back on meat consumption, it reduces health issues associated with excess meat eating (red meat), and it makes you think about your meat sources -- mainly grass fed and organic are the best way to go (if you are concerned about the environment and the way animals are raised). And because grass fed and organic meat is expensive, you eat less of it - thus, the flexitarian is born. Interesting.

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ThirstyApe said...

The Flexitarian Diet by Dawn Jackson Blatner is a really great book. I bought it right after I saw the article in USA Today. The recipes are delicious and I feel great ever since I have read the book and changed my diet. The author's website has a ton of great recipes as well