The Backyard

The Backyard

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2009 Growing Season Begins

The seed and plant order is placed with FEDCO. Being sick the past two days gave me an opportunity to study the catalog and decide on what's going in the garden. My mother used to always tell me growing up that my eyes were bigger than my stomach. I wonder if that's the case with my spring plantings?? New this year are potatoes, dried beans, celery for drying, and strawberries. I nixed the wheat idea -- way too much to harvest and mill for the little need I have for flour, which I can get spelt flour locally which is working out nicely. Also, there's no flowers which is unusual for me too. I have some flower seeds left over from last year that I'll stick in here and there (mostly flowers to attract beneficial insects - sunflowers, zinnias) and I always seem to have a couple volunteer sunflowers come up. So here's next year's plantings. The bottom may drop out of the economy, but Rick and me (and maybe some of my family) will be eating well! The plan is to can, freeze, and dehydrate a good bit of food next year. I'll keep you posted.

Black Valentine Bush Green Bean
Cannellini Bean
Tiger Eye Bean
Red Kidney Bean
Midnight Black Turtle Bean
Spring Treat Yellow Sweet Corn
Pennsylvania Dutch Butter Flavored Popcorn
Oregon Giant Snow Pea
Black Zucchini
Waltham Butternut Winter Squash
Sugarsnax Carrot
Early Wonder Tall Top Beet
Bulls Blood Beet
Misato Rose Radish
Purple Top White Globe Turnip
Space Spinach
Jericho Lettuce
Forest Green Parsley
Arcadia Broccoli
Champion Collards
Red Russian Kale
Safir Cutting Celery
Swallow Eggplant
Long Red Narrow Cayenne Hot Pepper
Revolution Sweet Pepper
Amish Paste Paste Tomato
Early Girl Tomato
Genovese Basil
Purple Ruffles Basil
Zefa Fino Fennel
Stuttgarter Onion Sets
French Fingerling Potato
Larouge Red Potato
Blueray Blueberry
Jersey Blueberry
Earliglow Strawberry
Honeoye Strawberry


DailySAHM said...

Oh crap. I better get my butt in gear.

fullfreezer said...

Whoa! Impressive list. I'd better get in gear as well, although I share garden space with a friend and we need to get together to plan.