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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Seventh Generation

This company has been around for 20 years, promoting green products and saving the environment long before it became as popular as its becoming today. Seventh Generation sells a variety of products that help save the environment. From their website: Seventh Generation brand-name products include: non-chlorine bleached, 100% recycled paper towels, bathroom and facial tissues, and napkins; non-toxic, phosphate-free cleaning, dish and laundry products; plastic trash bags made from recycled plastic; chlorine-free baby diapers, training pants, and baby wipes; and chlorine-free feminine care products, including organic cotton tampons. I've always liked their kitchen dish detergent -- it doesn't dry out your hands, it suds well, and is biodegradable and phosphate free. And here's an interesting tip from their website:


Anonymous said...

I too use 7th Gen for bath tissue and laundry products, but many things I've found don't need paper at all - think of paper towels, tissues, wipes, etc. Cloth napkins at meals, handkerchiefs, reusable cloth rags, etc.
It is good to have a company like 7th Gen coming into mainstream use though. One of the concerns I have with it, however, is that it might give some the idea that the recycled/green aspect of the company means that it is "okay" to use their paper products (e.g.) more freely. Maybe a company like this can emphasize that, while it is good to make the choice to use their products as appropriate, it may not always be the only option.

Note: I should explain, I am totally understanding that it is not always possible to use cloth, choose the "greenest" option.... people have to keep living lives and deal with the realities of things that come up. We do the best we can, and 7th Gen is a good way to do that. Just saying that sometimes an alternative might also work.

Chili said...

I have to agree on the paper products... I've just took the vow to no longer buy paper towels myself and started cutting up scrap material/rags. Yes, I hesitated a second in posting the link simply because 7th Generation may not be truly green with respect to some of the products and their use (or lack of need of some of the products they sell), but I believe the pros outweight the cons for the company.

fullfreezer said...

I use 7th Gen laundry products. I have such trouble with allergies with most products but their I can use and not break out in a rash. I also use their dishwashing liquid. I tried their dishwasher detergent but wasn't really satisfied with it. I read somewhere about someone using baking soda in their dishwasher. I may have to try that one.
We haven't used paper towels (except one week on vacation) for years but I like to have a 'green option' for those few times we do.