The Backyard

The Backyard

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Too Much Time in the Kitchen? Too Many Cookbooks?

Since attempting to cook more vegan meals and keeping it local, and staying away from anything "processed" or in a package, I feel like I'm spending way too much time perusing cookbooks and cooking. Is that possible? Can one be in the kitchen too much and have too many cookbooks? Can one try too many recipes? Can one's husband be subjected to too many failed attempts? Can one really eat butternut squash every week from August through February? I have to thank my meat-eating husband a gazillion times over for putting up with my (failed) attempts. He so kindly will try things, but not really say if its good or bad... his answer is usually "ok" when asked how he likes it. He even tried vegan lasagna - Ricky you're the bestest! I'm really glad he likes squash as much as me because we've eaten it every possible way for the past 5 months and I still have about a month to go yet until its gone. Oh, but there's some in the freezer too -- yeh! I picked up an Amish cookbook yesterday and most of the recipes were laced with sugar and butter and when I mentioned this to Rick, he commented,"that's what makes it taste good." That's his read-between-the-lines way of saying most of my stuff I try sucks, at least in the sweets department. While digging in my cookbook drawer, I surprised myself at how this I-hate-to-cook gal in her teens turned out to be a kitchen dweller trying new things and experimenting. I'm truly still not a "cook", but maybe someday!

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fullfreezer said...

I go through my periods when I spend lots of time delving into cookbooks, looking for something new. For me, it's cyclical. I find things I like and that the family will eat, then I get bored and look for something new. I've got 2 shelves full of cookbooks, some that are my favorites, but all of which get perused at least a few times a year.