The Backyard

The Backyard

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

67 Years in the Making

"One of these fine days, the public is going to wake up and will pay for eggs, meats, vegetables, etc., according to how they were produced."

J.I. Rodale, in Organic Farming and Gardening, May 1942

Is that profound, or what? A statement made 67 years ago and today is finally coming of age, so to speak. I'm currently reading Our Roots Grow Deep, The Story of Rodale, and while I only skimmed the surface, J.I. Rodale had more of an impact on the world than any of us could possibly imagine. I'm anxious to read the entire book because there's a distinct connection between his beliefs in organics to fitness (he donated the land to the velodrome!). He was a huge health nut and was fascinated by the human body, and loved to write to disseminate information to the public, thus, Rodale Publishing was born in the '30s. He's written hundreds of books and articles. What a guy - what a company. And its Pennsylvania based!

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