The Backyard

The Backyard

Friday, May 22, 2009

Snake in the House!

No, I'm not kidding! And Rick didn't even stop to get a picture of it - ha! Earlier this week, a 3 footish long, grayish-colored snake was seen crawling under our door stoop. It sorta freaked me out just cause snakes always do that to me. I told hubby there's a snake living under our back door, can he get in? I looked at the door and didn't see anyway possible he could get in. Well.... this morning I get up and head to the computer and there's a garden rake in the rec room. What? "Rick... what's the garden rake doing in the house was there a snake in the house?" "YES." What?!?!? "No, you're kidding me..." "Nope, I'm not. I was sitting at the computer about 10:30, and I turned around and there was this snake." Men typically don't freak, but Rick said he was sorta freaked. He said he didn't know what to do except say "F____"! There he was with a snake in the house 3 feet away from him. So he climbed on the chair, then walked across a trunk to the couch and headed to the basement to find something to catch it with. Of course the snake wasn't there when he got back. Shit, now what? But he came up empty in the basement, so he went to the garage where he got the rake and a tall garbage can. Luckily, he found Mr. Slimy curled up behind our computer. Of course it wasn't happy when he started agitating it to get it out of the house, but Rick succeeded at getting Creepy-eepy in the garbage can and sat it on the patio. When he told me this story, I headed to the patio to check out Scaly in the garbage can -- of course there's no snake in the garbage can. Rick was a little surprised that he got out of the can -- surprised like I was that he found a way in through our tight door jams. Slithery snake is safe and sound under his door stoop and awaiting the next visit with us in the warmth and coziness of our rec room. S.H.I.T.! I'm looking over my shoulder as I type this. I'm checking the floor every step I take. Yes, I'm freaked too! Did you know snakes can have as many as 25 babies? And they like to nest in cavities like rocks, and under stoney door stoops. So what to do now? Well, the typical remedies are moth balls as deterrents and they say to make sure you have no mice or rodents in your house. We don't (not with 4 cats!), so I'm not sure what the snake was looking for - maybe one of the cats? But I'll definitely be getting a couple boxes of moth balls.

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Heather Jaracz said...

Just a little excitement to start of the Holiday weekend!