The Backyard

The Backyard

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Celery Update

Earlier this year, I talked about starting cutting celery from seed and how hard it was and how long it took. And when I planted it, it took weeks to come around and start growing. This past week, I finally cut some bunches for drying. That was the main reason I grew it -- to cut, dry, and store for winter soups and stews so I didn't have to buy that crap celery in plastic bags at grocery stores. The plants are doing quite well and I'm very pleased with the turn out. The celery can be dried leaves and all and it's extremely tasty -- much more celery-like than store-bought celery.

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Heather Jaracz said...

Looks great! How do you dry it? I have some, too. Sounds like I had pretty much the same experience. One of the plants turned all yellow and then died.

I also tried celeraic from seed, but the seedlings were so fragile I ended up killing all of them before they got transplanted out. Next time around, they definately need bottom heat of some sort.