The Backyard

The Backyard

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Backyard This Weekend

The weekend is going to start a little early 'cause the corn is calling! Today around 1:00pm, starts the official "bulk" harvesting, husking, blanching, cutting, and freezing of sweet corn. The plan is to do about 6 dozen ears -- that will give me a total of 15 quart-size bags for the winter. That's not quite enough for winter storing, but hopefully I'll get another 3 dozen ears froze next week after the rest of it matures. My goal is to have enough to have a bag every two weeks or so for the next 9 months to a year. What else this weekend in the garden?

  • Weeding!
  • Take some pics for the Blog
  • Pull onions to start the curing process (they'll lay in the garden for 3 days to dry, then will be moved to my covered front porch in wire baskets to "cure" for about two weeks -- then I'll store them).
  • Pick peppers/eggplant - roast with tomatoes and onions
  • Start pulling spent corn stalks
  • Turn compost piles
  • Watch the mommy bluebird feed her babies -- she has a nest in the bluebird house in the garden!
  • Mow Grass
  • Weeding!
  • Watering the kids -- the fall plants are absolutely beautiful right now -- must be the cool temps at night.
  • Pick kale and other greens - make salad
  • Thin radicchio, mustard greens, and chinese cabbage - throw in salad
  • Control the lopes and butternut squash vines (they are growing into the tomatoes, corn, and dry beans!)
  • Cook up some taters for the week - potato salad? Mashed tates? (yummm)
  • Weeding!
  • Water raspberries unless it rains. They are about to start coming in and will need a good shot of water unless we get some rain.
  • Make hubby chicken corn noodle soup (with the garden sweet corn the Amish neighbor homemade noodles -- yummmm)
  • Make sure new garden cat Rusty is enjoying himself

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The Wiser Weiser said...

Can i come over for lunch...will work for chicken corn noodle soup!!!??? ;)