The Backyard

The Backyard

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Moving to the Country

Last evening on the world news, 6 upper middle class families from New Jersey were interviewed and asked how they are coping with the downturn in the economy. All lived on the same street, had kids, and all had one or the other spouse lose a job and the families are struggling to make ends meet. I found it interesting that two of the six commented how they found themselves doing what their grandparents used to do to be more frugal. Interesting (we should ALL be living a little more like grandma and grandpa!). Today, I find this interesting article on MSN from a writer for the Wall Street Journal about the younger generation moving to the country and learning to live off the land. While urban and suburban properties aren't really growing in sales, rural properties have seen an increase in value. I do believe the trend has started and is catching on -- more and more folks are realizing there's something to be said for rural life, gardening, homesteading, etc. Maybe, just maybe, with a little luck, the next generation will have a better environment to live in. Keep coming to the country kids! You're doing the right thing.


The Wiser Weiser said...

Hey! You're going to get to meet Diane and Andre on Saturday!! :)

Chili said...

Cool... I want to find out how they plan to get water when the electricity goes off. Rick and I can't figure it out. (Our well is over 400 feet down - too far for any hand or solar pumps. )