The Backyard

The Backyard

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rest and Relaxation - Backyard Chili Style

This is vacation week to plant summer crops, exercise, read, and just plain vegetate for a change. My idea of vacation is NOT to go somewhere and spend the entire time in my backyard and that's exactly what I've done thus far. The corn, zucchini, winter squash, black beans, cannelli beans, tiger-eye beans, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant are all planted, fed, and mulched. The kale and spinach is picked and cooked. The strawberries are giving me a run for my money and keeping me hopping with picking them. I picked 2 quarts one day and 3 quarts today. What will the next two weeks hold with ripening berries? Everything is getting watered every other day now that Mom Nature isn't cooperating with some moisture. The balance is 4 hours in the garden (no more) and two hours exercise be it biking, running, kayaking, or whatever else I come up with (I count turning compost as exercise too -- it's a workout!). The rest of the day is for puttering; cleaning, cooking, organizing, sewing or reading. Life is good.


DailySAHM said...

Glad you are enjoying your vacation!
The strawberries look great. I picked 8 pounds of them at Strites last week. Gwen likes the photo of the bird on the bird house.

玉龍 said...

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f0rwhatitsworth said...

i want strawberries now

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