The Backyard

The Backyard

Friday, September 30, 2011

More Posts Coming Soon

So sorry for the slacking in backyard posts. My mother fell down stairs in mid-August and fractured her pelvis; thus, I've been a tad busy since that time.  Retirement is scheduled for October 28 and I'm (very) hopeful to fire up this blog full-time immediately after that to keep my friends and family tuned in to what's happening in the backyard and around and about.  By the way, my mom is in my backyard - literally!  She's a stone's throw down over the hill in a beautiful old farmhouse, so spending time in the backyard is twofold.  I truly love having my parents so close as they age.  It's a blessing - truly. 


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Jennifer said...

wishing her a quick recovery! Look forward to more posts

sophia smith said...

Get well soon..I am looking for your next blog post...Please keep posting...

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