The Backyard

The Backyard

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

An Oasis in Paradise

My husband and I joke about living in paradise as one visitor to our little corner of the world called it.  It prompted me to write a short blurb, "What's It Like To Live in Paradise?"  in my adventure blog.  While its not a tropical island paradise like the Happy Hippy lives in (it really is beautiful in St. Lucia), rural Pennsylvania is our paradise.  We have food for the picking, shelter, and peacefulness.  There are birds, bees, trees and butterflies. The sun rises everyday and sometimes its warm and calm enough to be in the garden at sunrise.  The garden is my personal paradise.  The smell of fresh compost and the site of food on a plant makes me smile.  Watching the bluebirds fly in their nest box warms my heart. Sipping coffee in our little oasis under the old oak tree is relaxing.  A friend of mine once told me I need to learn to relax.  Donna, I'm finally learning!  As my adventure blog mentions, paradise is what you believe it is... what makes you happy.  I really like's explanation:
4. a place of extreme beauty, delight, or happiness.
5. a state of supreme happiness; bliss.
 And life is about being happy and living each day to its fullest.   Now that we both can wake up every morning and do as we please, we're in paradise.  Retirement is very sweet.  What makes you happy??


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It's taking some time girl, but I'm figuring it out. I still get antsy sitting down at night, but when I tell myself there's always tomorrow, or the next day, or next week, I feel more at ease in settling back and sipping some wine. Thanks for the suggestion!