The Backyard

The Backyard

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Finally, Weather Relief

Most of the East Coast has been under the grips of unrelenting heat and in some areas, no rainfall for just about a month.  It's been taking its toll on the gardens.  Either the heat is making the cool weather crops stop growing (thus, we're pulling the crops), the dryness and lack of consistent moisture is causing stunted fruit development or tomato end-rot issues, or, the crazy, sudden thunderstorms bring torrential downpours and high winds that create havoc in the vegetable patch.  What freaky weather!  On Friday, we finally got some relief here in my little corner of the world in central Pennsylvania.  A slower, steady rain fell (about .80 of an inch) and the temperatures finally subsided back into the 70's.  The long range predictor has the temps in the 80's with some rainfall on occasion.  Possibly the rain dance is now working.   On tap now that the temps dropped and its a bit more comfortable to be outside working, is some fall seed planting.  Brussels sprouts, lettuces, carrots, and spinach are going into the ground this afternoon or Monday.  I have to prep a couple areas first.  The harvests right now aren't as labor intensive so there's a bit of time to do some other stuff.  The next big job is sweet corn which is about to start coming in.  I checked an ear last evening and at least 6 ears will be on the dinner table tonight.  I planted three successive plantings this year, so we'll have sweet corn for the next 6 weeks, at least.   I'm thanking the weather gods for the lovely temps and moisture.  There's nothing quite like a warm, summer, rainy day.   Beautiful.


Robin said...

The cool rainy weather sure is welcome. We had a nice steady light rain for about 24 hours straight!! It was rather cool here yesterday. I looked at the temp at 4 and it was 65!

Now we can all take a rest from doing all those rain dances! I was getting tired :)

fullfreezer said...

I'd love to know your rain dance secret! We have had only 1.3 inches of rain since the beginning of June and are expecting temps of 100 or more for the next few days. The fields are burning up and even trees are suffering. Today it clouded up and I could see on radar a patch of rain moving this way but it dried up long before it got here. sigh...