The Backyard

The Backyard

Friday, July 13, 2012

Onion Harvest 2012

And so the annual onion pulling begins. The tops fell on the sweet yellow Spanish onions so they are now all pulled and drying under the shade canopy. The tops of the Torpedo red and Candy varieties are not falling yet, but probably in a week or two. They will set under the canopy for about 3-4 weeks until the tops are completely dry. Then, I'll clean the tops off and put them in baskets to store in our 60 degree basement. That's slightly warm, but they should be ok. Last year we stored them in mid-August and had onions until February. It's onion season! Has anyone ever stored Candy? This is my first year growing that variety.


Jenny said...

nice onion harvest!

Robin said...

Those are some mighty fine onions! I can only hope to have a few that big this year! Nice job!