The Backyard

The Backyard

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Still No Significant Rainfall But Plants Are Bearing Fruit

With over a week of 90 to 100 degree temperatures, winds, and threats of thunderstorms but nothing but a spritz or two, the gardens are screaming for water.  The hose has been getting a workout and I've been digging little holes at the base of most of the plants so the water can soak in.  The squash is on a slope, so I had to take extra measures to keep them moist because a south-facing slope tends to dry out a little quicker than flat land.  After the little trenches were dug on the high side of each plant, I put an extra layer of compost over top to help keep the moisture in.  I'm watering all the produce every-other-day.  I noticed once I started the regular watering (about two weeks ago), the blossoms on the plants burst into action and I'm seeing a bunch of young fruit.  Here's what's been showing up with the regular watering.  Keep rain dancing folks - its bound to help.
Roman Stripe Heirloom tomato

Another heirloom...not sure yet what this will be (I plant a "mix" on purpose to be surprised at what I get)

Yet another heirloom... from the looks of the shoulders, maybe a brandywine?

Amish paste heirloom tomato

I believe these will be the Peach heirloom tomatoes

Sweet Corn!  It needs a LOT of water

Pickles!  They too like water.

A Young Spaghetti Squash

Watermelon!  Can't wait for these  babies.  We are sooooo hungry for watermelon but won't pay the going price in our area of about $5.00 a melon.  WAY too much.  Watermelon likes a bunch of water too.

Butternut squash

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