The Backyard

The Backyard

Monday, August 13, 2012

Harvest Monday 8-13-12

I don't know about you folks, but I'm beginning to get that annual "ok, I'm growing tired of this now" feeling. Don't get me wrong, I adore growing my own food but it does get busy at this time of the year and the first frost is always welcome.  But this year, the harvests have been bigger than ever; thus, more tired than ever.  And starting this morning, I'm heading back to my desk job two days a week so I've been working overtime trying to get as much put away as possible before I lose those two days.   So here it is... another banner week with an 111 pound harvest for the week.   That brings the yearly total thus far to 681 pounds.  I miscalculated last week and forgot to include the fruit... that added another 60 pounds to the totals.   Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes are jacking up the weigh-in.  Heck, one tomato was nearly two pounds - wowzers (my first year growing "Pineapple Heirloom" tomatoes and they can get as big as two pounds each).   A couple cantaloupes and a watermelon or two helped a little bit too.  The corn is finished (yeh!) and the green beans are winding down.  I'm about done canning tomatoes as I feel I have enough to last a year, so I may just give the remainder away.  I'm not sure yet on that (they are sooooo scrumptious).

Corn - 6 pounds
Green Beans - 1-1/4 pounds
Potatoes - 9 pounds
Tomatoes - 42-3/4 pounds
Peppers - 9 pounds
Radishes - 3/4 pound
Red Beets - 2 pounds

Total Vegetables:  70 - 3/4 pounds

Watermelon - 22 pounds (3 melons)
Cantaloupe - 17 - 3/4 pounds (5 lopes)
Red Raspberries - 1 pounds

Total Fruit:  42 - 3/4

Total weekly harvest:  111 1/2 pounds

This is my table most of the time these days.

There always seems to be tomatoes lying around somewhere


Robin said...

Great harvest week! I know how you feel. My kitchen seems to have a never ending supply of tomatoes every where!

Good luck at work!

Dave said...

I told my wife last night "I'm tired of gardening right now". I'll get over it soon though. It does seem likes it's been a long, busy season. It sounds like you've had a great year too!

Mary Hysong said...

whoa, sooo jealous of those melons! And look at those 'maters! You are feasting like Queens! Good for you, tho I for one am tired of squash already....

Sustainably Modern said...

I hit the 'wall' about a month ago (but our season is fairly early here). I am just now starting to come out of it; just as the temps are cooling back to the high 90s....coincidence...I think not! Great looking harvests!

Sustainably Modern said...

I hit the wall a month or so ago. The heat and bugs hit and I went inside. Now we have cooled back to the high 90s :) so it is safe to be out again. Great looking harvests on your part...don't lose steam yet; its time to prep for