The Backyard

The Backyard

Friday, March 7, 2008

The Birds and the This Case the Bats and the Bees

Our environment and ecosystem is SO precious and we, as stewards should pay more attention to stories like these. I truly believe humans and our "modern" practices have impact on what is happening to both Bats and the Bees. The story on the Bees in particular I found alarming. If you don't have time to read them - here's a short summary of both: The honey bee populations are declining at huge rates and they can't pinpoint exactly why. With less honey bees, food doesn't get pollinated as well, thus lower production and higher prices for fresh fruit and produce. And in New York, they are finding dead bats in their hibernation locations. Again, they aren't sure why, but bats play a HUGE part in our ecosystems and controlling insect populations. Both are key to everything in nature working the way it should. The Bee story and the Bat Story

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DailySAHM said...

Just last night I was reading an article in some Penn State extemsion magazine about the the bee population problem, or CCD, as they called it (colony collapse disorder).