The Backyard

The Backyard

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Merthiolate Expired in 1980

And the Hydrogen Peroxide expired in 1997. The thought of this post was initially conservatism via who cares what the style is, as long as its functional. While waiting in the doctor's office today, I couldn't help but notice the same kids chairs I sat in when I was 4; the same vinyl sofas my mom sat in while I dug in the toy box. By golly I think some of those toys in that same toy box were the very same toys I played with in 1963. Holy cow this is weird. Looking a little deeper, the pamplets had 1970's dates. The same book shelf with the same children's encyclopedias were sitting on the shelves. The signs on the walls were yellowed and tattered at the edges. Even the curtains, I'm sure, were the same pinch pleated draperies. It was astounding. At first the thought was, "gee, they sure could use some updating around here." Then the thought became, "why?" What they have is functional, useful, and clean. They definitely kept everything clean. Why buy new if it's not needed? My husband tells me that every time I threaten to ditch the 80's country sofa and loveseat in the living room. He's right, you know. If its useful, why spend the money on new, just because its looks old. So my name was called and into the doctor's examining room I went. Clothes off, opening in the front, sheet over my lap. I change quick (must be triathlon transition training), so I had time to sit and look things over in the examining room too. Hmmm... metal desk and chair - circa 1950? 1960's cupboard -- even a ceramic medicinal thingy that held those wooden sticks they stick in your mouth. Hey...what's that, I thought? Some hydrogen peroxide and merthiolate on a shelf that actually looked like they had antique labels. Well...they weren't antiques, but they did expire in 1997 and 1980! That kinda pushed the conservatism a bit too far. For god sakes people, ditch the expired medicine off the shelf. This is a friggin' doctor's office and people can see that! I wasn't sure what to think after that. I left there thinking about should they update, or let it just like it's been for the past 40-50 years. What do you think?


DailySAHM said...

Keeping the furniture as long as it's not torn or worn beyond belief is perfectly acceptable. Updating the tattered pictures on the wall is debatable. Expired hydrogen peroxide is NOT acceptable! I hope your doctor isn't 90 years old...

Chili said...

Isn't that funny? Actually, she just died...and she WAS 90+!

She retired about 30 years ago, but her estate leases the office space to visiting doctors and I guess they just never paid much attention to updating.