The Backyard

The Backyard

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Best Sunscreen

I never thought twice about slathering on sunscreen other than is there enough SPF. But more and more studies are coming out proving many are laced with chemical ingredients (we knew that). But the part I like is they are ALSO giving reports of the best sunscreens available based on natural ingredients, organic ingredients, and lack of chmicals. My vote went to BADGER Sunscreen and I got both the 30 and 15 spf. It was expensive as hell ($16.00 for 2.9 oz!), but was worth every cent knowing its natural and organic. There's something special about slathering on organic plant oils and smelling like a big lavendar plant. Ha. Love it. I gave a tube to my mom and she stopped to visit and I was thinking to myself, what is that delightful smell -- oh that's right, its the sunscreen!

Here's a great link to the best sunscreens available. My vote is still Badger. Ordering directly from the company is easy, fast. Still a little salty, but worth every cent.

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