The Backyard

The Backyard

Monday, October 6, 2008

First Frost, Last Harvest of the Tender Annuals

It was bittersweet... the last pick of the season before the expected frost tonight. I hate this time of the year, but I do like the idea of taking a break from harvesting! Phew - August and September are brutal. All that was really left in the garden were peppers and can you guess the other? Yup - butternut squash! We'll be eating butternut squash pie and soup all winter. And the peppers? We froze plenty, so I think I'll take the plunge and make a sweet relish of some sort - not sure yet on that. All in all, that's about it for the garden for the year except for some greens, spinach, and red beets that'll be in the ground for about a month yet. They all like the cold and can tolerate a couple frosts. While most people love the fall, it's my least favorite season. I really need to think about a greenhouse and fall/winter growing like the Four Season Garden.

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risa said...

We had hardly any squash, might actually have to buy. I have to admit I looked long and longingly at the photo!

But there was a bounty of many others things, so, grateful.