The Backyard

The Backyard

Sunday, October 5, 2008

October is the Eat Local Challenge Month

While plugging in a search on local organic food, I found a website conducting an Eat Local Challenge for the month of October. I like their philosophy on buying local:

If not LOCALLY PRODUCED, then Organic. If not ORGANIC, then Family farm. If not FAMILY FARM, then Local business. If not a LOCAL BUSINESS, then Fair Trade.
Although its 5 days into October, I signed up to pledge the challenge of eating locally for the month. They ask these three questions for local challengers to answer - my answers follow each question.
1. What's your definition of local for this challenge? My organic backyard or local organic is first, local produce within 50 miles of my home is second, PA Preferred produce is 3rd.
2. What exemptions will you claim? Coffee. Yeast. Spices. Only organic will be used when I can't find local "staples" such as oatmeal, flaxseed, grains (quinoa), and dried beans to name a few and THEY will be purchased locally only.
3. What are your goals for the month? Mainly to think about the source of my food and keeping it local not just in October - but going forward. My guidance is my parents whom tell numerous stories of ALL the food coming from their backyards when they were kids in the 30s, 40s, and 50s.


DailySAHM said...

Vermont has a very well organized Eat Local challenge with an amazing number of participants. Friends who live in Burlington do it every year. I thought it would be great to try the same thing in this area... but alas, that takes planning and organizing time that I don't have.

Chili said...

I've been reading about Vermont -- they REALLY have a solid local community that provides everything they need to keep it local. Good group. Yes...the does take time and planning! I'm not sure I can pull it off -- Rick thinks I'm crazy... let's just go to Walmart he says. ARGH!