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The Backyard

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Christmas Turkey - What Should I Do?

I need your help -- please post a comment! My previous post, Talking Turkey, described the varied types of turkey you can buy and I hope I described the good vs the bad purchases. My husband fully understands all of the varied types of birds, but this morning he broke my heart when he said "I don't care Jill." It started with a discussion on retirement and saving $$ so we can be done work by 2011 and it led into a discussion on the high costs of buying organic (and no Jill, you can't retire if you keeping spending those prices for organic!) and of course the holiday bird we buy each year to feed our families. He simply can't understand and will not pay the price of free range or organic. I'm to the point I don't even want to have Christmas dinner - I don't want a turkey in the house if its coming from a factory farm -- which are exactly where the cheaper birds come from that Rick wants buy - not to mention the chemicals pumped in them. And I don't even eat it! And that's the other point Rick made -- "you don't eat the turkey Jill so what does it matter?" It matters to the animals, and that's my problem - its SO sad to know how they are raised and slaughtered - it just rips my heart out and yes, as I'm typing this there are tears in my eyes. I guess I'm one of those Overzealous environmentalists and need to just suck it up and let Rick be Rick and let my family eat the bird. What do you think?


DailySAHM said...

Go with a Tofurkey! (Ours is thawing in the fridge as I type.)

Why does there have to be a turkey? Last year for Christmas I made tofu-tempeh cutlets that even my 90 year old grandparents who don't understand vegetarianism liked. This weekend for Chris' family I made chickpea cutlets with gravy and everyone loved them.

Chili said...

I'm SO with you... but my family is not on board at all. I made a Tofurky one year and not a soul touched it... they were polite in not making fun of me to my face. A christmas without a turkey for my family would be like not have christmas dinner at all... they are true pennsylvania dutch meat and potatoes eaters. Rick got a butterball. (ARGH).. but I had to give in since I'm the only one that cares about it and won't eat it in the first place.