The Backyard

The Backyard

Friday, November 14, 2008

Local Vegan Finds

Well, its not totally local, but within 100 miles and the Locavores claim a 100 mile radius is acceptable as "local," while the Eat Local Challenge gives you 150 miles. There's an organic tofu plant near Allentown, PA called Fresh Tofu, Inc. -- 78 miles from my home. I haven't contacted them to find out how to get their tofu, but I certainly intend to. They list a distributor also in Allentown, but it doesn't appear the distributor sells to the general public. So I have some homework, but worthwhile homework. I officially decided to work on the Ornish lifestyle once again. I really like his philosophies and many of the top environmentalists agree with his diet also (mainly 'cause its vegetarian). The part of adapting Ornish locally will take some work in areas such as whole grains. I'm a huge organic supporter, and its really, really hard to find organic whole grains within 150 miles. Hopefully, in two weeks I'll find some more local sources of organic food in Pennsylvania. I signed up for the Pennsylvania Certified Organic (PCO) Annual meeting and bunches of organic folks bring and show their wares at the meeting. I'll certainly share a report on the day. It's December 4 - yup, a workday -- but my boss is letting me go as work related because my work funds organic farms and the PA Dept of Ag will be there talking about the funding program we have for farmers.

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DailySAHM said...

I've been buying Zimmerman's natural peanut butter, made in Penbrook, Harrisburg. I doubt the peanuts are local, so that doesn't really count, does it?