The Backyard

The Backyard

Monday, January 19, 2009

Garden Seeds are Here!

If only we could get in the garden now. Its been cold and snowy here in Central PA -- minus 6 this past weekend -- and the dreams of warmer weather are stronger than ever for many reasons. I'm CRAVING fresh greens! And when my Fedco seed order arrived it heightened the longing for spring and digging in the dirt. Fedco's owner, CR Lawn, always puts a letter in with the orders and this time, he talked about how his company is not feeling the downturn of the economy and no one needs to worry about a seed shortage. He claims his business is actually growing and his early bird seed orders doubled this year. He's happy with business, and I'm happy with the seeds! Seeds are so rewarding to start. From a tiny speck, you get a bountiful harvest for a buck or two. Its definitely work, but well worth it. From planning what to grow, starting it, growing it under lights, hardening the seedlings off, planting them, nursing them to produce, harvesting, storing, and eventually eating -- a lot of time is consumed, but time very well spent. To me, gardening is a satisfying and therapeutic experience. But for now, in the cold winter months, I'll have to keep dreaming -- or start some seeds in the sprout machine!


Anonymous said...

I like the new picture in the header in your blog :-)
Gardening really is a therapy process for me too, just seeing things grow, tending them, paying attention to another life, harvesting and seeing what the earth and my own efforts have given me, and then eating it for nourishment.
Do go for the sprouts now in the winter too - they do wonders to keep that spark of inspiration alive.

fullfreezer said...

I've gotten my gardening fix by growing lettuce in an old window box under my lights I usually use for seed starting. Wow what a treat! fresh leaf lettuce in January. Mmmm.

DailySAHM said...

I think I finally have my garden plans finalized and I plan to place my Fedco seed order tonight. I can't wait to get those little packets!