The Backyard

The Backyard

Friday, February 6, 2009

Survival Cooking -- Saving Money Info!

Relating to my below post on how to save some money as the economy worsens, I found this cool blog on survival cooking which is all about growing your own food, storing it, making things you normally would buy like soy yogurt or cheese, and money-saving menu meals like rice and chicken. Its not vegetarian, healthy, or local, but it has some good tips that you can apply to your local vegetarian meals. One thing you will definitely notice as you delve into this world of growing your own food and saving money -- you'll have little time for anything else! If I'm not planning the garden and thinking about what to grow/store, I'm perusing cookbooks to finding recipes - not to mention the time in the kitchen. Tomorrow (Saturday) will be a day of food.... bread baking, beans and rice making (cooking dried beans which are inexpensive, take some time to prepare), squash roasting, and making something with tofu -- not sure what just yet. Oh, and the local free-range chickens will be getting a visit from me too tomorrow. I need eggs! And I may stop for some local baking apples to cook up something appley. Yum. Nothing like home cooked meals -- and they are cheap!

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Great link. Thanks for sharing.