The Backyard

The Backyard

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crazy Celery Seed and The Food Business is Booming

They say every experience you have is for learning -- be it good, bad, or something in the middle. I knew I was taking on a challenge starting celery from seed, but I knew from the very beginning it would be educating - and it certainly is. Last week, at the 14 day marker, I had 6 babies sprout and they immediately began leaning toward the light. So what about the other 12? I knew I couldn't let the cover on and the first six had to get under the lights. So I opted to remove the cover, get them lit up, and take may chances on the other twelve. 6 would be enough, so I thought. I've been keeping the first 6 nice and moist and pretty much left the other 12 cells dry up. Earlier this week, I noticed two more tiny sprouts, so I started spraying them with water. I guessed the other cells could stand a squirt or two too -- just in case there's a couple more lurking under the top layer. Low and behold, today there are 3 more. It's now 23 days after they were first planted. The first 6 are already starting their 3rd set of leaves. This season will be a true learning experience.

Booming Food Business. I just read an interesting article written by an organic farmer who doubles as a Board Member of the PA Assocation for Sustainable Agriculture, about how last year was his best year ever and this year will likely be the same or better. Rick and I noticed the same thing at our local farmer's market (although not organic). It was packed last night! Folks are definitely making a shift to the farmer's market vs. the grocery store. I'd think locally, its more the low prices than the need or understanding of the importance to buy local and/or organic. I'd say the farmer's market and local farmers are going to do a really good business this year.

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