The Backyard

The Backyard

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Frozen Ground Yet? And Should You Put Up a Fence?

For Central PA, March 7 and 8 were delightfully and unseasonably warm -- mid 60's and 50's. Of course the gardener in me got out and started digging. The broccoli and onion patches are ready to go. Remember the blown over grape arbor? I had thought I'd dig up the remains of the grapes and a couple sea oats plants (native grasses -- excellent plant for natural settings -- the birds love the seeds, but I always cut them off because they sprout everywhere). Low and behold, about 8 inches down the ground was frozen solid. Digging in the remains of the mushroom soil pile I ran into the same thing. It was rather surprising given the warmth we had and no snow cover. The winter must have been much colder and for longer than I thought to have the ground still frozen deep down.

Fence -- if you are toying with the idea of should I or shouldn't I put a fence around my garden, ask yourself a couple questions. Has anything eaten or dug up your plants in the past -- Deer? Rabbits? Maybe a raccoon or skunk? Or maybe your neighbors cats are using your garden as a litter box. If any of the answers are yes (even only once), absolutely put in a fence. Are you hesitating because of aesthetics? But you know something might get at your plants? Well stop worrying about looks and opt for practicality and save your plants. That's the dilemma I'm having right now -- should I fence in my rose garden which will look absolutely awful with chicken wire around it. If I do, it'll save my onions from getting dug up by my mother's peacocks who LOVE digging in one spot of the rose garden where the onions are going, and my broccoli which the peacocks ALSO love eating the big, luscious leaves. My husband asked me the question this morning and I realized I was being stupid and going for the looks. But when he reminded me of the rounds the peacocks make all summer, I opted for practicality and this weekend we are getting fence for the rose garden. So don't expect to come to my place and see a beautiful landscape -- you'll see a hodgepodge of doing what we need to make it work and save the plants!

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DailySAHM said...

How about putting up a fence simply because you hate that your neighbors have pesticides sprayed on their lawn every month and your raised beds are on that side of the lawn?