The Backyard

The Backyard

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Delightful Dandelion

Dandelion? Delightful? With that sea of yellow polka-dots all over your yard? Some folks have stock in chemical companies trying to rid their lawn of this "pest." But is it? This "weed" is far from useless. The tradition of picking dandelion greens early in the spring, and making a hot salad dressing to mix with them, and layering some hard-boiled eggs on top lives on. Well, not entirely -- my mother used a hot bacon dressing -- but I skip the bacon part. Loaded with nutrients, dandelion greens have iron, calcium, Vitamins A and C -- all in a mere 25 calories per cup. It is said dandelion is a "healthy" plant, known to cure liver diseases, aid in weight-loss, prevent or lower high blood pressure, amongst many other health benefits. Dandelion wine is popular amongst the wine-makers, and some folks use the root for tea or as a coffee substitute. The tea is known to be a body detoxifier. And the best part? It's free - as much of it as you have time to go digging. But you gotta get it now - today - because once you see flowers, it's too late and will be bitter. What more you could ask for? Free, healthy, and nutritious. Oh, you say you want a way to get rid of it? Sorry... can't help you in that department. In a couple weeks, my lawn will be a sea of yellow -- and I'm ok with that! Hubby complains about it, but I'm ok with that too. Give dandelion a chance!

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