The Backyard

The Backyard

Monday, April 27, 2009

Lots of Updates

Spring is definitely in high gear and the weather is being as unpredictable as it can be in April and May in northern Dauphin County in Central PA. It started semi-normal with a couple threats of extra cold temps (20's) that didn't materialize, but is ending with summer like temps in the high 80's. My broccoli and cold weather crops are NOT happy. The broccoli was just starting to adjust to being in the ground when the heat hit. It's now struggling to figure out what the heck is going on. I've never experienced a heat wave this early -- very odd (global warming??!?!)
The pictures from top to bottom: very happy pepper plants under lights, freshly rototilled garden just about ready for some summer seeding, crooked rows of peas, unhappy broccoli in the heat, and elephant garlic in its glory.


DailySAHM said...

My broccoli appears to be hanging in there, thus far. I put my tomatoes in today. Mainly because they really outgrew their pots.

Heather Jaracz said...

I just found your blog, you have some really cool stuff going on! I was wondering about how old were the broccoli seedlings in your March 16 post? They're so beautiful! I live in the hills of Western Mass, so I didn't plant mine until April 18th (6 weeks before the last frost here). They're under growlights and get water as needed daily, but they're so leggy, what am I doing wrong?

Chili said...

The seedlings were about 4 weeks old on March 17. Get your grow lights about an inch from the seedlings -- that will help prevent legginess. The plants are stretching for the light which is what causes the legs to grow.

Heather Jaracz said...

Thanks! That must be it, the grow lights are about 3 inches above the tray tops. I'm propping them up on empty egg cartons right now. It makes you realize how awesome the sun is, so far away and still way more powerful than grow lights just a few inches away!