The Backyard

The Backyard

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Converting the Rose Garden to Vegetables

There will come a time in your gardening lifetime, that what is will change. The plants will "walk" away from where they originally started, some will die, and some will take over and entire corner of the garden. You'll come to really like a certain plant, and grow to dislike others. Some you will cuss until the cows come home, and others will serve a purpose. Some you'll throw away by the buckets, others you will baby to grow. Yes, even others you'll come to realize really aren't doing much for you, the wildlife, the bugs, bees, or the garden in general. Roses (hybrid tea especially) fit that category. Antique roses can be used for things like potpourri, rose petal sandwiches, and of course just to pick and get high on the scent. But roses, in general, are high maintenance, hard to grow, and in many cases, just don't serve much purpose. Thus, many of the 60+ roses I planted years ago slowly started dying and this year, they started to get dug up and are being replaced with vegetables. So this picture of the rose garden is "in process" to becoming a vegetable garden. Some of the roses are way to big to dig up, so I'll work around them. All in all, there's plenty of space to stick a couple vege's in. You can convert yours too!

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Heather Jaracz said...

The garden is beautiful! I wonder if a few blueberry bushes would work in there somewhere?