The Backyard

The Backyard

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Thank God for the Organic Movement

It's quite impressive how the organic folks come out of the closet and woodwork in numbers when issues arise that could affect the momentum they've been building over the years. About a week ago, I saw a news blurb on Medical News Today about a UK study that proved there's no nutritional difference between organic and conventional food. I thought, "HUH?!?!" They are SO wrong! That's one of the entire POINTS of organic food -- it IS more nutritional. I figured it was just a crackpot article and study and no one would pay much attention. I especially noted it was bogus when I saw this sentence:

They did not examine the content of contaminants or chemical residues.

Well, it turns out RODALE and the Organic Center BOTH disputed this article wrote the researchers. There were holes all over the article and the study. The study looked at 13 nutrients which in the organic folks opinion, wasn't near enough and didn't include antioxidants which are huge in organic food. The study also did not release everything they found -- only the parts they felt showed similar comparisons, thus there's no difference. Ahhh... working with data...all it takes is a smart person to use the parts they want to use and they can say "here's the proof!" but they don't tell you everything in the data. It's all based on who you're working for and what message you want to get out. So here is the Organic Center's response. And here is Rodale's response. The Organic Center really goes into great detail and even did their own study of the same data and found huge differences. Very interesting read if you have the time (yes, it's long).

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