The Backyard

The Backyard

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Millions of Backyard Harvests

I added this blog to another blog that is a network of backyard harvests and I can't recall where it is or what the name of the blog was.  (Doh!)  So I did a google-search of backyard harvests and - bam! - there was a list of 9,900,000 sites with the words backyard and harvest in it.  Scrolling through the first 10 pages of the search gave me goosebumps.  There are thousands - maybe millions - of folks growing their own food and harvesting.  I was soooo impressed and thrilled to see each and every one of them. For whatever the reasons and there are many, folks are growing food.  It's nice to see!  Go ahead -- google "weekly harvests from the backyard." By the way, the website that give weekly harvests is Daphne's Dandelions.  Thanks to Daphne for hosting Harvest Mondays where by 50+ gardeners share their weekly harvests.  Very cool.


Joao Amaral said...

Even dispeta all that results, from Portugal i found your great blog! Congratulations!!!
I also grow some of my vegetables,like tomatos, peppers, beans, cabbage and so on... come visit me:

It's in portuguese, but photos and names of plants are universal ;)

The Happy Hippy said...

What a glorious sight of pink rhubarb :) Hope all is well with you

The Happy Hippy said...

Just looked again and realised it's not rhubarb at all - ruby chard? HAHAHA! Either bad garden knowledge or failing eyesight. Sadly, I think it's the latter!

Chili said...

Yes Happy Hippy, 'tis "ruby" chard. My hearing is going, so join the club, :)