The Backyard

The Backyard

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Peachy Kind of Tomato

While ALL heirloom tomatoes, in my humble opinion, are delectable in their own unique way, there are a couple standouts. Today, it's the Garden Peach Tomato's turn for some attention. It technically falls under the "yellow" heirloom family tree and is a small fruit, barely larger than a big cherry tomato. Yes, it's slightly fuzzy like a peach, but slightly smaller than a normal-sized peach. The flavor is very, very sweet -- like a peach! If you shut your eyes and imagine, you can even taste hints of a juicy peach. This one ranks high on my favorite list. It matures nicely with few spots or deformities and is fairly prolific. And the flavor... oh-so-sweet.  More to come on those favorite heirloom tomatoes. There are soooo many and I'm just getting my feet wet trying them.

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Susan Zentmyer said...

Over 500 pounds!! OMG! Congrats!