The Backyard

The Backyard

Monday, August 6, 2012

Havest Monday - Hitting a Quarter Ton

Thanks to Daphne's Dandelions for hosting Harvest Monday. It's SUCH a delight to read everyone's harvests -- thank you all! This week is a mile-marker for Backyard Chili: I hit 510 pounds with this week's 205 pound haul. What really kicked up the weight was 86 pounds of onions. They are now all weighed and stored. The tomatoes also are rolling in and reached 41 1/2 pounds this week. The biggest glut is yet to hit; although, I'm slightly concerned they'll continue to split due to the heavy rain we've been experiencing (yes... after a month of dryness) and the harvest will be lessened. Will have to wait and see how that goes. I now realize how too much rain is worse than none in many ways. The harvest of the week must be the celery. I'm so excited to have celery this year... my first year of growing celery. It was difficult to start from seed (small) and a loooonnnggg time growing, but the result is worth it. And the watermelon!  I fretted for the past two weeks if they were ripe and ready to pick.  Low and behold, it was perfect timing.  I have another 6 that should be ready shortly also.  I haven't bought a melon yet this season because I'm too cheap to pay the going rate of $5 bucks.  So this is a big deal for us to have watermelon from the backyard.   And the first batch of tomatoes were dried, thanks to the idea from Dave's Garden.    I was pleased with the turnout.  And we have lima beans!  This is another first.  When I was a kid, my mom made me shell limas and I absolutely hated it and vowed I'd never grow lima beans.  This year I ate my words. But I didn't shell them yet.  Maybe I'll take them to my mom and let HER shell them. :)   Fun times. 

This week's haul:
Lima Beans:  1 3/4 pound
Celery: 6 pounds
Sweet Corn: 20 3/4 pounds
Cucumbers:  6 pounds
Green Beans:  5 1/2 pounds
Onions 86 pounds (all stored now)
Peppers: 6 3/4 pounds
Potatoes: 1 pound (a few were at the top of the ground and I didn't want them to turn green)
Radishes: 1/4 pound
Butternut Squash: 20 1/2 pounds (dissappointing crop this year.  Probably because of the weather)
Spaghetti Squash: 9 pounds (dissappointing).
Tomatoes:  41 1/2 pounds

Total for the week in vegetables:   205 pounds
Watermelon!:   8 1/2 pounds


nutmeg gardener said...

What a haul you are having! Everything looks beautiful, especially that watermelon! I have a little tiny one growing and if it ripens it'll be my first ever. Great harvest!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful harvest, you'll certainly being eating well this winter!

kitsapFG said...

Holy Cow! Over 200 pounds in one week - that is most impressive. Your celery is gorgeous - well done!

Jenny said...

Fantastic harvest! So much corn and melons and celery is very impressive! I tried celery first time this year and it didn't work for me, but not giving up and will try again for fall.

Crafty Cristy said...

Congratulations! You really are experiencing a stellar growing year. The watermelon is beautiful. This is my second year growing watermelons, because my son LOVES them. No fruit yet, but I am finally getting a lot of growth on the vine, so maybe, maybe.

Dave said...

All I can say is wow! That's a lot of onions, and a lot of veggies. That celery is quite lovely. I hope mine grows up and looks just like yours!

Sustainably Modern said...

That is an awesome haul!

Mary Hysong said...

HOLY COW!!!That is a lot of produce, and here I was thinking I was doing good at 300 pounds for the year!